The Dutch Research Institute For Transitions (DRIFT) is a research institute based at the Faculty of Social Sciences, of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Transitions are structural societal changes resulting from interacting cultural, economic, technological, behavioural, ecological or institutional developments. Transitions provide a key for achieving a more sustainable and innovative society. Therefore the research about transitions and transition management focuses on the interconnected parts of this dynamic interplay, and addresses issues like:
- How do transitions come into being?
- How to recognise them in an early stage?
- How to envision and manage them?
- How to monitor them?

These are essential questions that can only be answered through inter- and trans-disciplinary research into the nature, origin and management of transitions.

In doing so, theories and concepts from a wide range of scientific disciplines are employed, such as complex systems science, governance, sociology, culture sciences, policy analysis, etc.

Apart from a theoretical framework being developed for describing and explaining transitions, practical experiments are carried out in so-called 'testing grounds'. These comprise experiments in various fields concerned by transitions, like mobility, agriculture, the health care system, energy and water management. Government institutions, practitioners, companies and scientists collaborate in shaping the transition towards sustainable development. Theory and practice should reinforce each other: practical knowledge leads to adjustment of theories and theoretical knowledge may lead to application in practice. Even though this may sound plausible, it is still not a widespread phenomenon in the Netherlands or Europe. It is a rare and challenging approach.


















Tools voor energieneutrale gebiedsontwikkeling

Met 20 bouwstenen naar een energieneutraal gebied is gebaseerd op ervaringen uit het project 'Transitie in energie en proces voor duurzame gebiedsontwikkeling', gefinancierd vanuit de EOS Langetermijnregeling van Agentschap NL.

De Toolkit module is verkrijgbaar bij uitgeverij Aeneas: www.toolkit.nl

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Last updated on: 17-11-2014